Monday, 16 November 2015

Free Stop Smoking Seminar.

It is vital that people stop smoking.

Why?, because this shit is fatal.

The free seminar I'm hosting is a cost-effective way for those thinking about stopping smoking to find out what the Hypnosis process is all about, and experience Hypnosis and possibly stop the habit on their first try, as many do.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Hypnosis and Meditiation

Many of my clients have practice of mindfulness and a general spiritual practice as part of their lifestyle. Many also practice Yoga and other energetic practices as well.

Often clients will ask me what the difference between Hypnosis and Meditation is.

I answer that I have no idea, other than Hypnosis allows one to access deeper levels of relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness more quickly and effectively than that which most who practice meditation can achieve.

With Hypnosis one can achieve deep trance within a half hour or so and maintain that state as long as one wishes to remain there, with lowered heart rate, muscle tone and blood pressure. Many of my Hypnosis clients tell me that this is the state they wish to achieve with meditation and Yoga, but find the shift in state illusive, if not difficult to attain without many hours of practice.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hypnosis for Dentistry.

Why are we scared to go to the Dentist?

I would imagine it is because we are afraid to get hurt and that we are apprehensive about sitting in discomfort for extended periods of time, not knowing whether sharp pain is just around the corner.

Every Dentist I speak to knows that their patients are apprehensive at best, and that some are absolutely terrified of sitting in The Chair, In fact increasingly, Dentists are offering gas to put their patients out to do things as simple as cleanings and adjusting braces.

Hypnosis is a safer than gas.

Hypnosis allows the Dentist to feel confident that the patient is relaxed and accepting of what the Dentist has to do to treat the patient, while allowing the Dentist himself to relax, creating an all-round more relaxed work space to exist in.

I have treated many clients preparing for dental events with consistent success.

I am beginning to offer Dentists not only client care but consulting regarding their methods of communication and preparation of their patients for the dental dental work they need. On top of this I have concepts and plans for the re-modelling of dental offices to help distract the patient from the fear they feel for dentistry.

Monday, 10 August 2015



How does Hypnosis work?

Nobody knows, but what it does is remarkable


This study, and many similar to it, suggest that Hypnosis effects how the rods and cones structures of the eye operate. In other words making the eye see differently.

Hypnosis works for Weight loss, Stop Smoking, Alleviating stress, anxiety and phobias such as snakes, insects and elevators and flying, any one of which can be seriously debilitating.

A client the other day remarked that hypnosis felt to her like meditation, but without the hours of practice.

Hypnosis for health.

We are a hard-working community and suffering various degrees of stress as a result.

We exercise, we meditate. we watch our diet and we socialise with family and friends...and yet something is still not letting us rest from that thing we call stress.

Our minds collect ideas from the time we are born until this very moment, and these ideas form into beliefs that group together into what we call systems that become our road map for life.

We believe that the sun will rise in the morning and we believe the car will start when we put the key in the ignition. We believe our studies will lead us to viable employment and we believe our vote matters.

All of these beliefs lead to some sort of stress that distracts us and takes restful sleep and leaves us irritated and tired at the end of the day.

Hypnosis is about re-learning how our minds work and allows us to focus on what we want.

Many of my clients cannot believe that Hypnosis is that simple and easy to be part of right from the start.

And so relaxing.

Hypnosis allows you to change behaviours and beat stress and set goals clearly and follow through, and improve your life.

Hypnosis drops your heart rate and blood pressure and profoundly effects brainwave activity, allowing you to choose new ways of being at a profound deep level.