Saturday, 10 March 2018

She answered the phone. It had rung as She had turned to go upstairs for something,  but she wouId never be abIe to remember what it was she had pIanned to do after she answered.

It was the poIice.

The voice on the other end toId her there had been an accident and that her Husband had been kiIIed.

How she asked.

The voice toId her in near monotone that he had Iost controI of his car and struck a tunneI support at high speed and died instantIy.

She didn't remember much after putting the phone down and stting down in the chair beside phone in the haII of the house where Iife had come crashing down around her.

She must have sat in the chair for an hour at Ieast, as it was beginning to get dark, and she began to think about supper....but no, there was no point, as her hasband wouIdn't becoming home.

Then came the tears.

Then came the sound of the phone ringing again.

It rang and went to voicemaiI before she couId muster the strength to answer.

It rang again and she caught it on the first ring.

It was a different voice this time. Not the poIice. This person didn't identify himseIf but proceeded to teII the woman that her husband had been murdered.  she asked who this was,  but the phone was dead.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The new way to stop smoking permanently.

Hypnosis traditionally has been a process whereby one goes into a trance and a half hour later, one wakes up to being able to do things in new ways.

The problem is that this method, when applied to Stop Smoking, has limited effect over time.

Granted, I am a Hypnotherapist, and a good one at that, but I wanted to be able to honestly say to my clients that my process is DIFFERENT.

The Homewood Hypnosis process is different in that it's not just Hypnosis.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist but also an NLP Practioner. NLP is a skillset that inquires into how we do what we do, what we see, hear , taste smell and feel. This may mean nothing to you until you realise that everything we experience is made up of these components.

Our whole world view is made up of  fragments of imagery that we know as memory, belief and what we know to be real.

Did you now that ice has a smell?

When you are at the hockey rink you can see for a minute where you are, the colours you see, the cold air coming out of your lungs, the noise of the puck hitting the boards...and then the smell.

Once you smell it you can never forget it. when you immerse yourself in that smell you amplify the sensation  and more imagery may fall to your awareness.

Hockey games. Seeing one of your own children score a goal. skating with a new girl friend.

Who knew these sensations were nested inside one other thing in your memory?

So now, when it comes to smoking, there are sensations stacked one on top of the other, that build a structure of response that you know as a desirable thing to do.

My job is to identify how you have built this model of enjoyment around a lethal product and break the connections so that the process no longer appeals to you.

That's why my Hypnosis is different.

I guarantee it.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Free Stop Smoking Seminar.

It is vital that people stop smoking.

Why?, because this shit is fatal.

The free seminar I'm hosting is a cost-effective way for those thinking about stopping smoking to find out what the Hypnosis process is all about, and experience Hypnosis and possibly stop the habit on their first try, as many do.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Hypnosis and Meditiation

Many of my clients have practice of mindfulness and a general spiritual practice as part of their lifestyle. Many also practice Yoga and other energetic practices as well.

Often clients will ask me what the difference between Hypnosis and Meditation is.

I answer that I have no idea, other than Hypnosis allows one to access deeper levels of relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness more quickly and effectively than that which most who practice meditation can achieve.

With Hypnosis one can achieve deep trance within a half hour or so and maintain that state as long as one wishes to remain there, with lowered heart rate, muscle tone and blood pressure. Many of my Hypnosis clients tell me that this is the state they wish to achieve with meditation and Yoga, but find the shift in state illusive, if not difficult to attain without many hours of practice.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hypnosis for Dentistry.

Why are we scared to go to the Dentist?

I would imagine it is because we are afraid to get hurt and that we are apprehensive about sitting in discomfort for extended periods of time, not knowing whether sharp pain is just around the corner.

Every Dentist I speak to knows that their patients are apprehensive at best, and that some are absolutely terrified of sitting in The Chair, In fact increasingly, Dentists are offering gas to put their patients out to do things as simple as cleanings and adjusting braces.

Hypnosis is a safer than gas.

Hypnosis allows the Dentist to feel confident that the patient is relaxed and accepting of what the Dentist has to do to treat the patient, while allowing the Dentist himself to relax, creating an all-round more relaxed work space to exist in.

I have treated many clients preparing for dental events with consistent success.

I am beginning to offer Dentists not only client care but consulting regarding their methods of communication and preparation of their patients for the dental dental work they need. On top of this I have concepts and plans for the re-modelling of dental offices to help distract the patient from the fear they feel for dentistry.