Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The new way to stop smoking permanently.

Hypnosis traditionally has been a process whereby one goes into a trance and a half hour later, one wakes up to being able to do things in new ways.

The problem is that this method, when applied to Stop Smoking, has limited effect over time.

Granted, I am a Hypnotherapist, and a good one at that, but I wanted to be able to honestly say to my clients that my process is DIFFERENT.

The Homewood Hypnosis process is different in that it's not just Hypnosis.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist but also an NLP Practioner. NLP is a skillset that inquires into how we do what we do, what we see, hear , taste smell and feel. This may mean nothing to you until you realise that everything we experience is made up of these components.

Our whole world view is made up of  fragments of imagery that we know as memory, belief and what we know to be real.

Did you now that ice has a smell?

When you are at the hockey rink you can see for a minute where you are, the colours you see, the cold air coming out of your lungs, the noise of the puck hitting the boards...and then the smell.

Once you smell it you can never forget it. when you immerse yourself in that smell you amplify the sensation  and more imagery may fall to your awareness.

Hockey games. Seeing one of your own children score a goal. skating with a new girl friend.

Who knew these sensations were nested inside one other thing in your memory?

So now, when it comes to smoking, there are sensations stacked one on top of the other, that build a structure of response that you know as a desirable thing to do.

My job is to identify how you have built this model of enjoyment around a lethal product and break the connections so that the process no longer appeals to you.

That's why my Hypnosis is different.

I guarantee it.

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