Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hypnosis for Dentistry.

Why are we scared to go to the Dentist?

I would imagine it is because we are afraid to get hurt and that we are apprehensive about sitting in discomfort for extended periods of time, not knowing whether sharp pain is just around the corner.

Every Dentist I speak to knows that their patients are apprehensive at best, and that some are absolutely terrified of sitting in The Chair, In fact increasingly, Dentists are offering gas to put their patients out to do things as simple as cleanings and adjusting braces.

Hypnosis is a safer than gas.

Hypnosis allows the Dentist to feel confident that the patient is relaxed and accepting of what the Dentist has to do to treat the patient, while allowing the Dentist himself to relax, creating an all-round more relaxed work space to exist in.

I have treated many clients preparing for dental events with consistent success.

I am beginning to offer Dentists not only client care but consulting regarding their methods of communication and preparation of their patients for the dental dental work they need. On top of this I have concepts and plans for the re-modelling of dental offices to help distract the patient from the fear they feel for dentistry.

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